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Meet Adam Kelliher, an Agent of Change at Langara College

Meatless Monday at Langara College, Vancouver

Meatless Monday at Langara College, Vancouver

I am constantly amazed and inspired by the passion and dedication of the next generation to make a difference in this world. This week, we are hearing from a Canadian student named Adam Kelliher who studies at Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Adam founded the Langara Environmental Club and was instrumental in bringing Meatless Monday to campus. Thank you, Adam, for all that you do to protect the planet. ~ Alana

To begin, thank you to my formal instructors at Langara College for teaching me the academic side of environmentalism, and another thank you to the Vancouver community members who have taught me the practical side of environmentalism during my hundreds of hours spent volunteering. You have all been important in the contribution to Meatless Monday on the Langara campus because of the confidence, pride, and wisdom you’ve helped me discover. Read More >

Meatless Monday Relaunch at Johns Hopkins University

MM-relaunch-JHU-2015aThanks to great partners like Bon Appétit Management Company, Johns Hopkins University Dining Services is able to bring fresh foods to students every day. In fact, Johns Hopkins was able to exceed the Real Food Challenge goal of serving more real food. Read more about Johns Hopkins commitment to the Real Food Challenge here.

While Meatless Monday has been on campus for years, it was time for a refresh. In September 2014, Jeff Vigilante arrived on campus as Bon Appétit’s new marketing manager for Johns Hopkins University. He brings with him Read More >

Meet Cindy Kiefer, an Agent of Change at Bellarmine University

Sid Lerner, Peggy Neu, Mark Ruffalo at ClimateWeek NYC.

Sid Lerner, Peggy Neu, Mark Ruffalo at ClimateWeek NYC.

Meatless Monday advocates are making an impact at home, in their cities, and on school campuses across the nation. At a brunch during Climate Week NYC, Mark Ruffalo shared that he practices Meatless Monday with his family as a way to mitigate climate change while opening their doors to cuisine and cultures from around the globe. In January, NYC Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal introduced a resolution to recognize Meatless Monday in NYC for the health of residents and the environment. Meanwhile, young advocates like Cindy Kiefer are having an impact on college campuses nationwide. Read More >

European Communication on Sustainable Food MUST be a priority

Visionaries from diverse backgrounds—from the arts and media to civil society, faith and ethics,  and academia—across the globe recently responded to an opinion piece published in the Times of London entitled “Eat Less Meat: A vital message is buried in a new report on climate change.” Dr. Robert Lawrence, the current director of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, is one of the 75 signatories. The response has been featured in the Times and on the website of Compassion in World Farming. We are publishing it here in its entirety because we believe it is important to share news that lies at the intersection of diet, health, and the environment. The health, environmental, and ethical consequences of using ecosystem goods like water, soil, and food without regard for sustainability, vulnerable populations, and future generations are unjustifiable. Here is that letter in full: Read More >

You think you have bad neighbors? Try living next to a CAFO

Bad neighbors?

Bad neighbors?

We can all think of one right away: a bad neighbor. In Baltimore City, that bad neighbor leaves his smelly trashcan out front without a lid all the time so every time you open a window or a door, you are assaulted by the odor and numerous flies. She doesn’t pick up after her dog when it goes on the street or in her own backyard. He rents the house to one person but six people live there and have a constant stream of visitors. She double parks for hours, impeding the flow of traffic. He shares his bedbugs with you.

Now imagine that you live in a rural community in Maryland. Maybe it looks like Read More >

Happy National Food Pledge Week

be-patriotic-2The first food pledge week was October 29 through November 4, 1917. Yes, 1917! It was an effort by the federal government, with President Woodrow Wilson at the helm, to introduce voluntary rationing of critical resources during World War I. Along with gasless Sundays, Americans were asked to practice meatless Mondays and wheatless Wednesdays.

In 1917, the passage of the Lever Act was intended to direct the conservation of food and fuel. United States Food Administrator Herbert Hoover, appointed by President Wilson, launched a campaign that same year in which homemakers were asked to sign a pledge to conserve food in support of war efforts. First Lady Edith Wilson was the first to sign the pledge. Pledge signers received a “Membership Window Card” to be displayed in their homes. Read More >

Sarasota Schools Take a Bite Out of Climate Change

school lunch

Sarasota, Fla., schools to go meatless on Mondays

Most people are unable to reduce their vehicle miles traveled (VMT) overnight to protect the environment and slow climate change. You have to get the kids to school, the dog to daycare, and yourself to work. What if there was another way to tackle climate change while improving your health? Great news! There is! Add a meat-free day to your week. Eating differently is a way to address climate change one bite at a time.

While we can’t or might not want to give up our cars this very instant, we CAN choose one day each week to fill our plates with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans instead of meat. Recent research Read More >

CLF & Meatless Monday at Climate Week NY°C

People's Climate March / Sept. 21, 2014

People’s Climate March / Sept. 21, 2014

Environmental advocates from around the globe convened this week to participate in Climate Week NY°C. International activists and the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future were there to discuss progress and future plans for Meatless Mondays campaigns in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Kuwait, South Africa, South Korea, and Taiwan.

On Sunday, the group participated in the People’s Climate March. By eating less meat, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is critical to fighting climate change. Use your fork Read More >