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Darlene Jackson

Darlene Jackson

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Liturgies of Sufficiency: Individual versus Communal Wellbeing

Pastor Mary Gaut, of Maryland Presbyterian Church, reminds us that we were created to give Praise to our God—and that if someone is hungry, we must feed them before they can be receptive to spiritual food.

In the fourth session of the Baltimore Food and Faith Enoughness series, we focused on how to worship, and how we let our hunger and thirst for things compete with our beliefs.

Worship is an outward expression of who we are as a religious community, and it consists of our beliefs, our faith, and our liturgy practices, whether it is Holy Communion, Baptism, honoring the Sabbath, fasting during Ramadan, or singing beautiful hymns that touch our very hearts and souls. Although we are all from different religious backgrounds, and we practice different types of worship, we were all created to give praise to our creator, as well as to show love to our fellow brothers and sisters who are outside the religious community. It is our responsibility to share in the love and joy that comes with being a child of God. Read More >