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Marian H. Dickinson

Marian H. Dickinson

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From Burlington to Baltimore, the Bronx, and Beyond

School lunch at Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes, Burlington, Vermont

When developing a new vaccine, we first test it in a lab. When it comes to changing the food system, how do you set up an isolated experiment to see if something works? Turns out you move to Vermont.

So it makes sense that the University of Vermont should invite 28 emerging leaders in the food system to come see how the experiment is going.

Vermont’s small size and independent politics have made it the perfect place for developing a regional food system. Just over 600,000 people live in Vermont (the same as in Baltimore) and according to my unscientific observations during my week-long visit, they all know each other. For example, while listening to the executive director of Vermont Soy explain how he came to locate in Hardwick, Vermont, a customer came for a pick-up. Read More >