Inspire Students to Take Action Against Hunger

foodspan-hungerFor many people, the holiday season is a fun time, celebrating with family, friends and food. But this is not the case for everyone—and teachers can help students learn about food insecurity and raise awareness of hunger. Despite the ease with which many of us buy, prepare and eat delicious meals during the holidays, one in seven households in the United States suffers from food insecurity. What does food insecurity in a household Read More >

Tis the season for giving…expired food.

RS81_Metal cans on assembly line 78429919-scr copyThe moment Thanksgiving ended, the 25-foot Christmas tree went up in my building’s lobby, carols began blasting on holiday-only radio stations, and even Janice in accounting now cheerily wishes me a pleasant day. And while you or I may not celebrate religious festivities, the cool winter air, decorations, and holiday parties do inspire—for some—the spirit of giving, love, and celebration.

For many, however, this is a season of anxiety. How will I buy food? Will the food bank have holiday items? How will I explain this situation to my kids if we fall short? Read More >