Pa. School Board Transportation Committee Hears Concerns

I accompanied Dr. Roni Neff to southern Pennsylvania last week and this week to attend a school board and committee meeting in order to share information about public health threats associated with large-scale food animal production facilities. Roni was invited by the Peach Bottom Concerned Citizens Group to present this information because of concern about a proposed 2,450-head hog facility to be located about a quarter of a mile away from a site where eight South Eastern School District buses are parked up to 14 hours per day.

It was quite an eye-opening experience. Both meetings were contentious because of tensions between a farmer wanting to transition to a large-scale food animal operation and citizens’ concern about the impact this type of facility will have on the surrounding environment and human health. Debates such as this one (but not necessarily surrounding school buses) have been occurring around the country for decades as food animal production has become increasingly consolidated and dependent on industrial, large-scale operations where thousands of animals are raised in confined settings. Read More >