Farm Bill Considerations: The Case for Supporting Price Incentives in SNAP

I am a true lover of fruits and vegetables. I am also a true lover of burgers, and french fries, and cookies. When faced with the decision of what to eat, there are many factors that come into play, including taste, healthiness, and cost. Being somewhat health conscious, the health factor frequently (but not always) takes first place in the hierarchy of factors that constitute my final meal choice. However, I could say with certainty that if healthy foods cost less, I would have more of an incentive to purchase them over other alternatives, even when the burgers and fries seem to be calling out to me directly.

Like many Americans, SNAP participants face this dilemma as well. With so many low-cost, energy-dense foods available, it can be difficult to make the argument to purchase fruits and vegetables, especially when they are much harder to Read More >