December 18, 2008

New Report Exposes Subsidies to Factory Farms

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens

Communications Director

Center for a Livable Future

A new report released exposes how industrial hog and dairy operations are subsidized through the federal Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).  The report, entitled Industrial Livestock at the Taxpayer Trough, estimates that between 2003 and 2007, roughly 1,000 industrial hog and dairy operations have captured at least $35 million per year in taxpayer support through EQIP. Click here to read the study.


“During his campaign, President-Elect Obama said conservation programs like EQIP should help family farmers use good environmental practices, not fund corporate expansion,” said Vern Tigges, member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and family farmer from Carroll, Iowa.  “He needs to make this a priority and stop factory farms from abusing taxpayer-funded programs like EQIP.”


CFFE is leading the fight against the corporate takeover of the hog industry and working for policies supporting independent family farmers.  Member groups include: Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the Land Stewardship Project (MN), and the Missouri Rural Crisis Center.

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