January 26, 2009

MRSA Threat Spreads to Iowa Pig Farms

Center for a Livable Future

Center for a Livable Future

To continue that scary conversation about MRSA in pigs and farm workers, check out Andrew Schneider’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog entry.  After Schneider’s original report on the research of Dr. Tara Smith at the University of Iowa, he and Smith received plenty of feedback-most notably from FDA, CDC and USDA employees and members of Congress concerned that the government isn’t doing enough to ensure that pork products are not contaminated with the bacteria, which can be deadly. 

It’s good that some federal agency employees and legislators have this on their radar-but since they are the ones with the power to institute better protection from threats in our food supply, they should be fighting harder to make this a priority.  And public health advocates like us should be constantly reminding them of what needs to be done-and providing the research to back it up.

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