April 1, 2009

Antibiotics: Misused on Factory Farms

Center for a Livable Future

Center for a Livable Future

Did you know according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, an estimated 70% of antibiotics in the U.S. are used on animals?

To promote growth?

A former research fellow, Jay Graham, MBA Ph.D., recently sat down to talk about the reality of antibiotic misuse on factory farms.  This discussion is in part a follow-up to our March 5th release that found more evidence of another potential link between industrial food animal production and exposures to antibiotic resistant pathogens.

For additional resources and to read the studies he references, please visit our new Antibiotics Resource page.


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  2. Posted by Bob Martin

    This is a great interview and succinctly highlights the primary public health risk of industrial farm animal production…the inappropriate use of antibiotics that is contributing to antibiotic resistance.

    Keep up the great work, CLF.

  3. The entity sued by the CT Attorney General, Yale, UConn, & NYMC, have that new DSM-IV Disorder called Antibiophobia. I think it belongs in the Psychotic Disorders department, because we already explained all this with the summation of data from swine lagoons, and its just frickin delusional to think that patients who can’t sneeze their diseases on other people need to be restricted from antibiotic use.

    The real deal was insurance companies’ bottom line on ceftriaxone for Relapsing Fever, prn relapsingly.

    And talking about swine lagoon data, well, IDSA and the CDC provide us a cess-pool of scientific garbage on a daily basis.

    Kathleen M. Dickson

  4. Posted by Liz Shepherd

    I’d like to draw attention to another point…. the people eating the food “laced” with antibiotics. I say it that way because recently, after having several bouts of extreme stomach problems, my physician suggested I keep a food diary.
    It didn’t take but about two days to figure out that chicken was the culprit of my GI woes.
    I happen to have a disease that requires me to take antibiotics. For that reason, I know I am sensitive to some. Others produce what is known as a herxheimer reaction.
    The current feed regimen of chickens in America contains a neo (mycin) type antibiotic that I cannot tolerate.
    So I do without chicken. Rising prices prevent my access to food without a bunch of additives.

  5. Posted by Andy Riniker

    I sent your article to Carl Bockenstedt DVM , Dyesrsville , Iowa with the You Tube video. Shortly after that I tried to play the video and received a message from You Tube that this video is no longer available. Sounds like censorship to me. I guess I now know where the vet stands on the issue of the use of antibiotics in raiseing livestock. Andy Riniker

  6. Posted by Byron

    Farmers really get the tip toe treatment here in the U.S. They are subsizided and heroized. I don’t think it’s deserved. They are all about making money.

    Let’s look at the facts. They regularly flood our food with their toxic poisons to make sure that not one tiny bug bite might mar their product and thus cost them a dollar. Never mind that these poisons are toxic to us too. Yet they hire right wing “think-tanks” to all but convince us that these toxins are good for us. They are usually Republicans who decry paying the slightest tax for anything from which them themselves benefit like police and fire protection, street lighting, libraries and schools etc. Yet they are always there begging/demanding tax dollars when it suits them. They have consistantly demonstrated not the slightest bit of empathy for the millions of animals they brutally put to death after raising them in 4H care. They ride high in the saddle with their ten gallon cowboy hats and boots, but it’s all for show.

    Sorry, but farmers don’t impress me much.

  7. I love hearing the liberal rants here against farmers for using antibiotics. Has it ever occurred to you that the more chickens die from disease the more chicken will cost you (and the poor) in the store? Funny how I dont hear concern for the poor. No concern whatsoever, for example, the cap and trade boondoggle will cause the electricity bills OF THE POOR to “skyrocket” (Obama’s own words during the campaign). Oh yes, I forget the, “if we dont do something about it now it may be too late” argument. “Its a dire emergency”. If you really believed your own argument you would be fast-tracking the building of nuclear power plants since they dont produce CO2, and dont have to be located in Bumfuk Arizona where a new trillion dollar, nation spanning, energy grid is required to connect them. Even the founder of Greenpeace who originally protested nuclear back in the 60’s has now become a nuclear proponent. Obama says NOTHING about encouraging nuclear power. But wait, “global warming is a dire emergency”.

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