June 5, 2009

Help Fight Climate Change (and more) With Meatless Mondays

Center for a Livable Future

Center for a Livable Future

Check out the op-ed in the LA Daily News. Writer John Boal notes that our diet could use a “reorganization” not unlike the way America has decreased household debt and becoming more thrifty in the last seven months. He mentions the UN report, “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” which documents the effect of livestock on climate change, and the contribution of raising livestock to pollution in our nation’s waterways, citing the Pew Commission Report on Industrial Farm Animal Production. He also gives a nice nod to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Meatless Monday effort. “Just as we shifted our savings and spending habits, why can’t we make changes in our eating habits? We can start with ‘Meatless Mondays,’” he urges.

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  1. The Catholic Church has been saying to take a meatless day for a long time. Different day of the week, though. 🙂

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