March 3, 2010

Pedometers from Healthy Monday delivered to Richmond High Students

Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl

Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl

Research Assistant

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

pedometerOn Tuesday, while working on my capstone research, I delivered some Healthy Monday pedometers to the participants of a food survey at the school. The incentive for taking the survey as part of the “control” group in my study was this item from the Healthy Monday program. The students were extremely excited and commented frequently on how “cool” the pedometer looked. They immediately started tapping the pedometer up and down to try and get the steps to increase even though they weren’t moving. We talked a lot about caloric balance and that people had to balance the calories coming in and going out and some strategies for doing that.

Some students challenged their teacher to see who actually walks more during the day. At present moment the students are somehow winning even though they sit in class all period while the teacher walks around. We know that delivering pedometers is not enough. When urban students are placed in an obesogenic physical environment that produces far more density of calories than density of nutrition, these are they types of discussions that need to be happening everyday.

We talked about the Health Monday website and the ability to find healthy recipes and strategies for healthy living. Much thanks to the participating teachers, Jessica Price, Lorna McClellan and Rishi Patel.

– Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl

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