August 9, 2010

NPR’s Morning Edition Focuses on Meatless Monday

Center for a Livable Future

Center for a Livable Future

nprlogo_138x46Some 14 million listeners tuned in this morning to hear National Public Radio’s most popular program, Morning Edition, give extensive coverage to the Meatless Monday campaign. The 8-1/2 minute segment, “Campaign Aims To Make Meatless Mondays Hip,” included an interview with Meatless Monday Founder, Sid Lerner. Reporter Allison Aubrey accompanied Lerner as he visited Dovetail, a popular New York City restaurant that has adopted Meatless Monday, and interviewed patrons sampling the offerings on the meatless menu.

The Meatless Monday Campaign was developed in 2003 in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Center for a Livable Future. The goal of the campaign is to reduce saturated fat consumption by 15 percent by forgoing meat one day a week.

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  1. After living for three years in a very high-end assisted living facility in Southern New Jersey, my mother, passed away. Though she loved the people there, they all complained of the salty, saucy, overcooked, and sugary foods served in the dining room. Many “resident” voices at this facility, along with their families have asked for more healthy food choices and preparations. Sodexo is the current food services company used by this facility. The current feeling about food choice and preparation appears to be, that older members of our society need more “unhealthy” foods in order to stimulate their taste budds. I would like to speak with Sid Lerner about changing the philosophy about “healthy” foods, currently in vogue in the growing list of assisted living facilities. I would appreciate your help in contacting him. Vicki R. Baker

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