October 8, 2010

CLF Knows What’s in the Nation’s Chicken

Jessica Krauss

Jessica Krauss

On Thursday, CLF Director Dr. Robert S. Lawrence joined, Dr. David Kessler, former FDA Commissioner, and, Urvashi Rangan, PhD (JHSPH ’95), Consumer Reports, on the Dr. Oz Show’s segment entitled “What’s in the Nation’s Chicken?”

The guests on this national broadcast began by discussing the additives in our nation’s chicken supply, and, secondly, highlighted the role of purchasing power in driving industry change. In particular, Dr. Lawrence explained the role of antibiotics in promoting growth in chickens and the benefits and risks of the arsenical compound roxarsone.

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Although industrial animal production and healthy food choices have received more attention in academia and in legislation, we cannot forget the importance of engaging with the media in order to achieve CLF’s core goal of raising individual awareness of our responsibility for environmental stewardship, effecting individual behavior, and, consequently, stimulating societal changes.

Not convinced by the demonstrations and statements in the Dr. Oz segment? Check out previously published CLF blogs on related scientifically based research and testimonies:

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