April 28, 2016

CLF Aquaculture Links: April 2016

Dave Love

Dave Love

Associate Scientist, Public Health & Sustainable Aquaculture Project

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

AQ-news-300The USDA Organic aquaculture standards are grinding slowly through government agency approvals, and are currently in review at the Office of Management and Budget, as reported by the Global Aquaculture Alliance. Read more at their website.  

Until the U.S. sorts out organic aquaculture standards and labeling, consumers must rely on third-party labels. One such group, GLOBAL GAP, just released a new consumer label for certified farmed seafood. Read more at The Fish Site.

Coverage of forced labor in the seafood industry won the Associated Press a 2016 Pulitzer Prize, and more importantly contributed to the emancipation of 2,000 slaves.  Read more at CNN.

The European Space Agency is using its satellites to create the first count of the thousands of aquaculture operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Read the full article at ESA.

Farming a small indigenous fish called Mola, which is high in Vitamin A and no bigger than a minnow, can be a cost-effective way to treat the 60 percent of Bangladeshis who are deficient in the vitamin. Read the article in the journal Aquaculture.

The debate over net-pen aquaculture in the Great Lakes has not received much attention outside of regional newspapers. Andy Balaskovitz is one of the first to cover the issue for other news outlets. Read more at Civil Eats.

Congratulations Dr. Claude Boyd, Professor at Auburn University, for 50 years of work in aquaculture! Read about Dr. Boyd’s retirement in the Global Aquaculture Advocate.   

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