December 14, 2016

December 2016: Aquaculture Links

Dave Love

Dave Love

Associate Scientist, Public Health & Sustainable Aquaculture Project

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

AQ-news-300Skepticism over the business potential for offshore aquaculture comes amid NOAA’s push to develop a permitting system for these industrial operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Islands. Read more at Bloomberg News and Politico.

The debate over the benefits and risks of offshore aquaculture continues, from Op-Eds to influential political blogs. Marianne Cufone, Executive Director of Recirculating Farms Coalition, writes in The Hill about a concern that offshore aquaculture will stress aquatic ecosystems, including concerns over fish escapes, and economic harm to local fishing communities. Read more at The Hill.

Neil Sims, founder of Kampachi Farm, an ocean fish farm, and Bridget Owen, the Executive Director of the Coalition for US Seafood Production, an industry group, responded to Cufone’s op-ed. Sims and Owen make a misleading and unsupported claim that doubling seafood consumption would be as beneficial as wearing seatbelts or smoking cessation. Read more at The Hill.

The desire for growth in aquaculture goes well beyond North America. The Scottish aquaculture businesses and the Australian government both released plans to increase the value of their respective industries. Read more at BBC and The Fish Site.

A humpback whale was found dead, entangled in netting at a salmon farm in British Columbia, Canada. The farm belongs to Marine Harvest, one of the largest salmon producers in the world. Read more at Vancouver Sun.

More seafood is available for United States consumers than in past years. The American seafood supply increased by about 1 pound per capita in 2015 to 15.5 pounds per person.  We need confirmation from national dietary surveys to show if this increase in supply resulted in increased consumption. Read more at NPR.

Seaweed farming research in Alaska got a boost from a NOAA National Sea Grant College Program award of $418,000. Read more at Your Alaska Link.

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