CLF Week in Links: Food Stamp Diets, Warsaw Worrying, and More

Too much, too little. The Washington Post ran this sobering story about quality over quantity in the “food stamp diet.” This piece follows families in South Texas as they try to eat on a food stamp budget and find that even with an excess of low- or no-nutrition calories, they still go hungry. Here’s what the reporter has to say about the Rio Grande Valley: “For one of the first times anywhere in the United States, children in South Texas have a projected life span that is a few years shorter than that of their parents.” The article raises good questions about whether and how government should be involved in managing the options of items available for purchase with SNAP dollars. Is restricting the use of SNAP to purchase sugar-sweetened beverages and the kinds of junk food described in this article similar to banning smoking in public places? Or, as some anti-hunger advocates argue, is it applying paternalistic and disempowering pressure on the poor? Read More >