10 in 10: Consider Heating Your Home with Biomass


A new decade brings new opportunities and challenges. The interaction between diet and health received significant attention during “The Aughts.” What will we do during this next decade to respond to the call for action for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle? This is the third in a continuing series highlighting 10 ways you can help this year.

This new year, make it your resolution to put your home on a carbon diet. We did it a few years ago, and have reaped many rewards. Since March of 2006, a corn-burning stove has occupied one corner of our living room. It’s a nice thing to cozy up to on a cold winter’s eve, but the stove is more than just a nice aesthetic addition to our home, it’s also our main source of heat. Beyond that, it provides economic benefits to our family and region, and environmental benefits to everyone.

Our corn stove looks a lot like this one

Our corn stove looks a lot like this one

Meanwhile, the oil furnace in our basement has become our backup heating system, used sparingly, such as when the temperatures dip well below freezing and the stove needs a little help heating the house. Our oil use has been so sparing that we went three years between oil deliveries – which was very confusing to the company that delivers our heating oil. That company would call us periodically wondering why we hadn’t needed a delivery in so long. After all, in those years B.C. (before corn) we would fill our oil tank a few times per heating season. Read More >