Michael Pollan (and me) at the CDC

The media aren’t the only ones paying attention to calls for a sustainable, healthy food system. Last Friday, Michael Pollan was invited to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to vision with them about how their work can support a more healthy, sustainable food system. Planning his visit encouraged cross-Center collaboration (CDC has 7 Centers) which will be necessary for future food systems work. He spoke to a packed house of CDC employees and outside guests (including me) and was firm in pushing the CDC to become a leader in supporting a healthy, sustainable food system. The CDC seemed receptive, as noted in the CDC’s introduction to Pollan: “We at the CDC care, and we want to do better,” and some concluding remarks: “[Pollan’s] visit has been the catalyst to pull people together across the Centers, and will leave a lasting legacy at CDC.” Read More >