Is It Really ‘Local?’ Baltimore Sun Article Explores Grocer Marketing Claims

An article by Reporter Laura Vozella in the Baltimore Sun discusses the often deceptive grocery store displays claiming “local” produce. Vozella points out that large grocery chains, eager to get a bite of the locavore movement, are promoting produce from nearby farms – even when they have little in stock. It’s an effort by grocers to get back some of the market share they have been losing to the increasing numbers of famers’ markets. The article quotes Livable Future Bloggers Amanda Behrens and Rebecca Klein. While supermarkets appear eager to buy and sell more local produce there is the problem of logistics. “A certain number of [local] farmers could supply all the lettuce or apples, but if they’re not grouping those together before they get to the supermarket back door … you’re going to have 30 farmers trying to offload their produce,” said Klein. With the local growing season beginning to hit its peak-and favorable weather in many parts of the country-this year’s harvests and local markets will, no doubt, continue to grow.