Meatless Monday in Sweden: Q & A with Köttfri Måndag’s Founder

The Meatless Monday campaign here in the U.S. has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years (the recent blogpost on Sodexo’s success with the campaign is just one example), but did you know that 23 countries now have campaigns that seek to reduce meat consumption one day a week? When I was in Sweden earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting with Jonas Paulsson, the founder of the Swedish Köttfri Måndag (Meatless Monday) campaign. On top of co-managing the campaign with his friends, Paulsson also regularly writes editorials and engages in debates in support of Meatless Mondays, gives public lectures about the need to reduce meat consumption in Sweden, and works as a local politician. He was recently awarded the Swedish World Wildlife Fund’s Environmental Hero of the Year Award for his work with the campaign. I asked him if he might be willing to share some of his experiences with the Köttfri Måndag campaign with us here on the livablefuture blog in a short email interview, and he was kind enough to oblige. Read More >