Baltimore, Philly Pioneering School Food Initiatives

“This is not rocket science. You put some seed in the ground. Water. Add sun. Plant grows. Eat food.”

The quote above is from Tony Geraci, the charismatic new director of food and nutrition for Baltimore schools, in a City Paper article from last week which does a pretty good job summing up his no-nonsense philosophy on improving the food the city feeds its school kids.

Geraci is part of a growing movement to revamp school food by teaching kids to appreciate where their meals come from by growing and cooking themselves. He wants to put cafeteria stovetops back to work actually cooking meals from scratch and not reheating frozen packages. Geraci has his work cut out for him: he promised to make all Baltimore City school food locally grown and freshly prepared. Beyond that, he wants to create a model that can be used in cities across the country.

Baltimore is leading the way in the movement, and a school near Patterson Park is one of the first to employ a teacher who teaches nutrition and cooking lessons to students as part of its Food for Life program. Read the linked article above for the full scoop, including quotes from CLF’s own Anne Palmer, and check out City Paper’s accompanying video. Read More >