Wriggling out of the Fishmeal Crisis

FishFoodWater laps gently against the canoe as Felix paddles across Lake Volta. Once he reaches the floating cages, he scoops some pellets that look like typical fish food and sprinkles them over the water. Hungry tilapias dart to the top. They gobble the beads in such a frenzy the surface of the water erupts like a fountain.

Felix is feeding fish as part of a research study in Ghana. The tilapia fingerlings in this one-month growth trial have been divided into four groups. Felix feeds one group by tossing them a cupful of typical tilapia food enriched with vitamins, minerals, wheat, poultry by-products and fishmeal. The other three groups feast on the same feed, but instead of fishmeal, they get varying amounts of insect meal. Like fish, insects can be converted into a high-protein, high-energy feed.

Fingerling Food in Ghana

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